About Us

Doctor Jamal Ahmad Cancer and research center is an online cancer organization where cancer patients from first stage to last stage are successfully treated.
Doctor Jamal Ahmad has been successful Naturopath since last 20 Years and cured around 50000+Patient in India. We do an alternative treatments which are Russian, Israel, U.S and Nigerian made anti cancer injections and medicines which has been successful on cancer patients from first stage to last stage without any side-effects.

Without Chemo, Without Radiation, Without Surgery, All types of cancer and even the biggest tumor can be cured by Naturopath injections and medicines.
Where in India today the patient does not get any other treatment other than Chemo, Radiation, Surgery and immunotherapy, due to which every other cancer patient dies But Doctor Jamal Ahmad Cancer Research Center treatment can save patients of all possible stages.  

Naturopaths in India are seen with trees and yoga, but Naturopaths are treated with anti dose cancer medicines, Injections in Doctor Jamal Ahmad Cancer Research Center.

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