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Doctor Jamal Ahmad Cancer and research center is an online cancer organization where cancer patients from first stage to last stage are successfully treated. Doctor Jamal Ahmad has been successful Naturopath since last 20 Years and cured around 50000+Patient in India. We do an alternative treatments which are Russian, Israel, U.S and Nigerian made anti cancer injections and medicines which has been successful on cancer patients from first stage to last stage without any side-effects. Without Chemo, Without Radiation, Without Surgery, All types of cancer and even the biggest tumor can be cured by Naturopath injections and medicines. Where in India today the patient does not get any other treatment other than Chemo, Radiation, Surgery and immunotherapy, due to which every other cancer patient dies But Doctor Jamal Ahmad Cancer Research Center treatment can save patients of all possible stages.

All types of cancer and even the biggest tumor.

Naturopathy Cancer Treatment's


Online treatment of all types of cancer from 1st to Last Stage by Naturopathy Injections and Medicines therapy

Naturopathy Medicine

Naturopathy is an Anti-Cancer medicine which destroys cancer syndromes from the root by going into the blood and immediately stops the growing cancer of the patient. It work to eliminate…

About the Doctor

Doctor Jamal Ahmad is today's highly respected doctor of modern age who under the benign capable direction of world best oncologist are proceeding with cancer treatment who under the benign…

Why Naturopathy is Best

Doctor Jamal Ahmad is a best oncologist, he does neither Surgery, Nor Radiation, Nor Chemo, so we do not recommend patient to visit the center. There are many doctors in…

Success Rate 70 to 80%

We don't believe any doctor's deception or their justification because in their mind only, Chemo, Radiation and surgery which is a completely failure. Because they don't have any options other…

Naturopathy Treatment

We give a kind of alternative treatments which we have named naturopathy. Naturopathy has the ability to cure cancer from first to last stage without side-effects, without chemo, without radiation…

Consultation & Treatment

We treat acute illnesses by consulting with our caring and expert practitioners who believe in rendering the procedure by applying naturotherapy.

Medicines Therapy

Medicines made from natural and wild plants of Nigeria and Russia and anti-cancer benz which is maximum effective in cancer.

Injection Therapy

High Dose injections made from Russia and Nigeria medicines, which without side-effects boosts the immunity of the patient and works to end their cancer. Helps to cure every pain of…

Medicines & Injection Tharepy

Correctly treating last stage cancer by avoiding chemo and radiation with a combination of medicines and injections.

Chemo injection Therapy

Naturopathy injections made from Israel and Russia without any side-effects, which work at every age, Eliminate the biggest tumor without surgery and reduce the symptoms of cancer to zero.

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How Doctor Jamal Ahmad Aim to Make Different in Cancer Care?

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Doctor Jamal Ahmad Cancer and research center

  • No side effects as experienced in other traditional treatments. For Instance, hair loss, infections, pain, diarrhoea, weight loss, nausea, vomiting etc.
  • No damage to taste buds and maintenance of bone strength. Prevents conditions like Osteoradionecrosis (bone death).
  • Economical and affordable therapy as compared to other modes of cancer treatment.
  • Normal cells are taken care of in Cancer Healer Therapy unlike in other therapies which along with cancer cells destroys normal working cells too.
  • Trains the immune system to recognize and target cancer cells and attack cancer systematically, throughout the body.

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