Why Naturopathy is Best

Doctor Jamal Ahmad is a best oncologist, he does neither Surgery, Nor Radiation, Nor Chemo, so we do not recommend patient to visit the center. There are many doctors in India whose clinic is in every state of the country, where the patient's family visits their clinic, worried about the patient. While those doctor's known that they do not do surgery, chemo or radiation, they give medicine only after seeing the patient's report and not after seeing the patient condition. But the patient and their family are called by the doctor as he has to take the consultation fee. While Doctor Jamal Ahmad is not in favor of this, rather whether the patient gets treatments from doctor Jamal Ahmad or not, he continues to give free of cost consultation and suggestions to the patients. Now these things definitely come in the mind of some patients that we would like to tale how to treat without seeing online. That after traveling thousands of miles, when patient's goes to the doctor in distress, the doctor gives medicines and suggestions not by looking at the patient, but by looking at the patient's report. When we have to give medicine only after seeing the after seeing the report of the patient then why should we bother cancer patient's and his family. Well qualified doctors are available in doctor Jamal Ahmad cancer research center who are trained under doctor Jamal Ahmad and work under his guidelines whose who study the patient's report properly and discuss with them on voice & video call and work to give the right guidelines. Doctor Jamal Ahmad Cancer and Research Center assures cancer patients that every patient associated with us will be completely satisfied and healthy.

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